Frozen Yoghurt & Icecreams

Our manager, Sunny Diyol is a frozen yoghurt expert. Having worked at world leading chains, he decided to join us at Summer Breeze. He insists on using the best fresh yoghurt. His knowledge and diligence ensures the yoghurts and the ice creams are available in tip top condition at all times. 

Smoothies & Juices

Summer Breeze does a fantastic range of smoothies, made with or without frozen yoghurt. The choices are virtually endless. We also do a range of freshly squeezed juices. We are also big into juicing our vegetables and we have one which is super good for you called the green juice - spinach, celery and green apple. 

Genuine Belgian Waffles 

Whilst the Americans are famous for the waffles, they actually come from Belgium. Ours are the Liege waffle, the most popular type in Belgium. It is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier than other waffles. They are an adaptation of brioche dough made with pearl sugar. Have them with virtually anything from our toppings bar.